It’s always a good idea to start the winter off with a good maintenance overhaul of your vehicle, but did you know it’s just as important to keep up with regular maintenance throughout the colder months. Here’s some ways to ensure optimal operation of your vehicle and should you have any questions or need assistance you can always rely on us.


Coolant and anti-freeze have a service life of roughly 2 years, and anti-corrosion additives break down over time so plan on checking and flushing/replacing fluids every 2 years if not more frequently.  Check coolant levels and for signs of leaks at fuel-ups during Winter months to prevent any avoidable roadside incidents.

Check Ignition and Wear Items

Be sure you or your mechanic has a close look at the glow plugs to be sure they are clean and operating at their peak.  it’s a cheap part to replace and certainly something you don’t want to fail in Minnesota in February.  While looking at the plugs, take a look at all hoses and belts, as weather extremes—cold to operating temperature can cause premature cracks and failures.

Check Batteries

Just because your truck starts when it’s -10 degrees doesn’t guarantee an easy start when it’s – 30 degrees.  Have your battery tested to ensure it’s healthy and strong, and keep your truck on a block heater when parked overnight.