We get this question a lot at Overdrive

What makes the dyno better?

First let us explain what the dyno is:

A dyno, or dynamometer as it’s also known, is a device that we can use to apply a load to an engine to simulate how the engine operates when we drive on the road or track. Think of it like this – if we jacked the drive wheels of a car off the ground and tried to drive the car, there would be no resistance on the engine and even a moderate amount of throttle would have the engine sitting on the rev limit. The dyno provides a load to control the engine RPM, so you could think of it like a big brake.

As your partners in maintenance, we’re going to answer it with four quick reasons:



    • The Taylor Dynometre can determine what is wrong with your engine quickly. Rather than the traditional method of taking the truck for a drive and hoping to simulate the issue, the dyno allows us to simulate the conditions and find the issue much quicker. Which means you’ll be back on the road faster.

More Reliable

    • Using the latest technology allows us to best determine what the issue is and in turn how to best fix it.

Less Wear

    • One of the greatest features to the dyno is that there’s no need to take your rig out on the road to try and simulate the issue. Is your truck lagging when going up hills? Instead of finding a steep hill to go up and down to discover the issue, we simulate it with the dyno, right in our shop. Eliminating the need to put extra pressure on your unit.

Cost Efficient

    • The upfront cost of the dyno may look a little intimidating, but when you consider it’s timeliness, reliability and the fact that it does the job without wear and tear on your truck, you suddenly realize how much more cost efficient the dyno really is. Think about it this way, the dyno allows us to find the issue, fix it correctly and get the job done right – the first time.


At Overdrive our main goal is to get you back on the road, that’s why we are proud to be the only heavy duty repair shop in the region with a Taylor Dynometer. Book an appointment today, by phone 780-573-7676 or online https://overdriveheavyduty.com/book-now/.