As your partners in maintenance, Overdrive understands that your truck is your livelihood. If you have a diesel engine you know how important regular maintenance is on the life of your truck.


Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines

  1. Monitor your Coolant
    • One of the most important maintenance needs is your engine’s coolant. You should monitor the coolant in your diesel engine because it will be more acidic as the years go on. If it remains acidic it can rot out parts of the vehicle’s cooling system, like the radiator. Check the coolant and flush it on schedule. Acidity levels can be tested so you know where your engine is at.
  2. Keep it Clean 
    • Allowing dirt and grime to build up and exist freely in your diesel engine is one of the easiest ways to reek a lot of damage to your engine’s components. That’s why keeping your diesel engine clean is essential to maintaining your truck. When cleanliness is overlooked, your performance will suffer and the road-life of your truck will shorten. Three main areas to check; fuel, clean oil and clean air.
  3. Fuel Filter Changes
    • You should change your fuel filter every 15-20 thousand kilometres. Most newer diesel trucks have two fuel filters, a primary and a secondary. Replace them at the same time for optimal cleaning.
  4. Effective Air Filters
    • Depending on the climate and environment that you’re driving in, the air filters may need to be closely monitored. Protect you engine by making sure the air filters remain clean and effective.
  5. Appropriate Oil Changes
    • Your diesel engine’s oil changes should be every 5,000 kms. It may need to on a shorter interval depending on how you’re using your diesel engine. If your diesel engine is used for hard-driving and towing then it becomes necessary to change oil more frequently.


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