Sound those air horns proud truck drivers, you’re keeping us moving!

These uncertain times have really got us here at Overdrive thinking about that one important element that helps the world come together in strength to combat this largely unknown disease; that being the transportation industry, AKA the truckers.

We live in rural northern Alberta and it couldn’t be more prevalent than now the importance of the trucking industry. Let’s look back to when the world stopped, sometime around March 17th, 2020. That’s when parents brought their kids home from schools, not sure when they’d return, when local small business owners sat down with their employees, and they tried to make sense of letting them go. They tried to makes sense of needing to lock their doors for an unknown period of time. It’s when neighbours were forced to become strangers and grandparents were told they were best protected if they stayed far away.

Many feared there wouldn’t be enough supplies, essentials and food to make it through, because no one knew how long it would last.

Looking back on the last two months, sure it’s easy to laugh at the people who stock piled toilet paper and yet at some level all of us in one way or another understand that panic of uncertainty.

But they don’t know truckers. 

A trucker is quiet and unassuming.  A trucker is reliable and always makes his/her route. A trucker takes to the highways and puts his/her life on the line to make sure the toilet paper hits the shelves. And so much more.

During this pandemic, our region has not lacked in supplies. Regular shipments were made and supplies came in. People did not go without food or essentials and many will be working through their stockpiles of toilet paper for months to come.

That was all thanks to truckers.

Thank you to all the women and men who drive truck and have stepped up to help us get through this crisis, protect Canadians and keep our economy moving.

Like the saying goes, “if you got it, a truck brought it”.

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