2019 is roaring by, and heavy-duty trucks are still driving the world forward. While we love keeping used trucks running, there is nothing that beats a new engine taking its place at the front of your rig or in your fleet of trucks. Adding a new rig to an existing fleet or moving from truck driver to owner-operator is a significant investment, but the increase in fuel efficiency, decrease in maintenance costs, and greater control of running your own truck is worth it.

So, if you are looking for a good new truck to manage long-haul trucking, regional routes, or work on the oilfields, read on.

Heavy Duty Truck Review: Our 4 Picks for the Best 2019 Heavy Duty Truck Models

We have selected a pick from each of the major semi-truck manufacturers, with a mix of long-haul capacity and rugged design for oil-field or farm hauling. No matter your industry or run type, you’ll agree that these 2019 trucks are amazing.

Kenworth T800

Designed for driver efficiency, power, and maneuverability on the job site, the Kenworth T800 is truly a performance-focused machine. Besides the brand promise of trucks that maintain their value and are easy to maintain, the T800 has several features that put it on a list of trucks to own.

The set back front axle and Kenworth’s engineering provide 54-degree steering capacity. The sloped engine hood and perfect-fit radiator help provide superior fuel economy and engine efficiency. While many businesses cut corners to create the most advanced technological trucks, Kenworth T800 shows that contemporary needs can still be served by classic trucking: precision engineering, quality materials, and designed for the job it needs to do.

In addition to the engine, chassis, and power train, Kenworth puts as much thought into helping the driver work as they do making the truck work. The 2019 T800 has charging stations for your devices, with a center console designed to hold up to the wear and tear only a driver can put it through.


Freightliner Coronado 122 SD

While the Freightliner Coronado 122 SD is not quite the maneuverable workhorse of the T800, its solid work capacity and engineering for fuel economy make it truck many fleets and owner-operators prefer in Alberta’s oilfields, on the farm, or on the road.

Besides the fact that this truck is designed for efficiency, with the sleek elegant lines of modern fiber-reinforced engineering, the 2050 lbs of torque make it a powerful engine for any use. The Coronado has a slightly larger steering radius than the Kenworth T800, but its 50-degree turn is still impressive and maneuverable enough for most industrial driving.

The Coronado is also designed for almost limitless customization, so any specialty driving functions, like a dump truck, often look to Freightliner as their truck of choice.


Western Star 4900

The Western Star 4900 is the Mustang of the Western Star fleet. With 5 varieties of chassis, multiple engine and transmission options, and a variety of sleeper arrangements, you can put the 4900 to work in almost any application you can think of. For fleets and owner-operators who like to do a little of this, and a little of that, a 4900 will probably meet your needs. Or, if you are looking for a specific heavy duty frame or a twin steer option, you can select those as well.

What makes the 4900 such a powerful, versatile truck?

Part of what makes all Western Star trucks powerful and versatile (and we really could have included any of them in this list) is the fact that they are designed and tested for real use off-road. Whether on a farm, in an oilfield or mine, or picking up lumber, trucks in Alberta face brutal situations not seen in typical long-haul or regional delivery drivers.

Western Star knows this and designs their trucks for use in the west.


Peterbilt 389

And, finally, we have a classic of the open road. The Peterbilt 389 model is designed to look like the classic 18-Wheeler rig, and it does. Even though it looks like it came straight out of a 1983 highway, the Peterbilt 389 is anything but ancient. Since the design is more classic than modern aerodynamic, Peterbilt provided the 389’s fuel efficiency via the powerful PACCAR MX-13 engine. The PACCAR MX-13 uses lightweight but strong materials to provide a 4% fuel efficiency boost while increasing engine longevity at the same time.

The 389 also comes with Peterbilt’s modern navigation and control systems including blue tooth and voice activation. You may feel like you are driving a classic on the road truck, but you will get advanced 21st Century performance from this beautiful machine.


In Conclusion

These are just four of the many makes, models, and manufacturers available for an owner-operator or fleet to own. It is great to keep abreast of the newest changes including engines, makes, and models as you live the trucking career.

But, the point of a list like this is to help you to both see the new advances in heavy-duty truck manufacturing and to choose your own new truck when the time is right.

Besides the design for rough and rugged wear vs fuel-efficiency and long-haul sleeper units vs short haul and regional runs, the biggest question you need to ask is what maintenance costs will be.

Your truck is a work machine; it will be exposed to long miles and rough conditions. If you’re not careful, your maintenance times and costs will eat into your bottom line. You should choose the truck line that is easiest to maintain doing your business’s main work, whether long-haul or in the oil fields.

We see and deal with all these models and more on a regular basis, and our experience in truck maintenance is something that you will not be able to get from any other source. Before you make a purchase decision, talk to the mechanics, body technicians, and others who regularly maintain the truck models you are considering. All vehicles run on used parts, and mechanics keep your truck driving down the road. For an appointment to talk to one of our team or just to request more information regarding mechanical service on your truck, please contact us today.