If you are the owner or operator of a heavy duty truck, you know how important proper maintenance is and that sometimes you’ll need heavy duty truck parts. Long hauls with heavy loads, rough terrain and Alberta weather can all take its toll on your vehicles.

Sudden stops, black ice and fallen trees all just add to the challenge of delivering your load. It also adds to the wear and tear of the vehicle — the brakes, chassis and steering, take the most hits.

When you need repairs and are looking for heavy duty truck parts, you may find that to be a challenge. There are places to get reliable parts and service. Let’s take a closer look at where you can find parts for your heavy duty truck.

Heavy Duty Trucks

If you look at a map of Canada, the majority of people live in the centre to southern parts of each province. But what about the people in the north? Often, the only way they can get goods delivered is by plane or truck.

While the plane may be a bit faster, the small planes can’t carry as much as the trucks do and the trucks are all-weather. Ice and snow are just something truckers embrace, as it is there more often than it’s not (ever seen the show, Ice Road Truckers?)

This means a lot of wear on the trucks. Turning a corner to find a broken down vehicle, a deer or other wildlife, or some other deposits Mother Nature left behind are all in a day’s drive.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Getting food and supplies to remote areas is what trucks do best. But the trucks take a beating. If you are looking for spare parts, here are some options.

New and Used

You can find used parts for your truck for a lot less money. many places will carry both new and used. Here are a few places to try.

Auto Part Dealers

Some places that sell auto parts can have new and used parts for sale. The used parts will be refurbished and repaired and will cost less than new. There may be limitations on finding the exact part you need, but often parts can be interchangeable.

You may also be able to special order something, and check back often, as they continue to add to their stock. They also may refer you to places that do have the parts, if they don’t.

Locally, check Overdrive for anything you need. They have it or they can get it and their parts warehouse is one of the biggest in northeast Alberta.

Auto Wreckers

An auto wrecking yard is often a great place to find parts you need. These places will have everything from batteries to tires and have different vehicles arriving every day.

It can be a good idea to regularly check in with them, as they have a lot of parts daily and you can even buy a few pieces, just to have on hand that you know you will need eventually anyhow. Just be careful, because these parts have obviously been used and in a wreck of some sort.


Commercial and private auctions and estate or business type of auctions can be well worth a visit. These are places that are unloading a lot of great items, and you can often get a large crateful of parts, but sometimes it’ll be a blind sale, meaning you won’t know exactly what’s inside.

These are great for your own use and you can sell or trade them with other people for items you do need. A trucker always needs a part for something. So do you.

If you can take the time for a day trip to an auction and have the patience for this type of sale, it could be an option for you. If you need parts quickly and are looking for convenience, Overdrive Heavy Duty in Bonnyville is your place to go!


Check online sites for new and used parts. You can find general parts for sale and very specific items you might need. You can find parts on sites that you bid on or from individual private sellers.

There will be parts that are harder to come by and you may have to special order them, depending on the make of your truck. Some companies carry parts or can get them for any make of truck you have.

You can also find information for parts for trucks by looking online to help you out when you come into the shop for advice.

Other Truckers

Use your networking and buddy system for find parts you need. You can check with your friends and co-workers, or with fleet owners and operators. Truckers know where to get items and look after one another.

Tips for Used Truck Parts

If you do decide to buy used and if you are buying online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Part numbers.
  • Tag numbers
  • See the part before buying
  • Ask if it’s been repaired
  • Ask about its history

For safety, always make purchases in public locations, and never pay for something before you’ve received it — fraud can happen and we want to keep you safe.


You already know that your heavy-duty truck needs regular service. They take on a lot of strain from the heavy load, the terrain and the elements. You want that truck to be ready for whatever you are up against when making those long hauls.

Finding the right place to service your truck and have the parts you need is what keeps you moving. A good shop knows what to do and enjoys doing it, and will know that your livelihood depends on it.

From the steering to the tires, the suspension system to the transmission. It is all part of keeping you and your load safe. And, if you need a trusted shop to keep your rig in great working order, be sure to visit Overdrive Heavy Duty in Bonnyville.

Keep it Safe

Whether your daily or weekly trip is to get food and supplies to northern communities or to and from the oilpatch, you know how important it is to have that truck in tip-top shape.

From barreling down a hill with barrels of oil in the tanker to climbing a rocky road with a load of gravel, you depend on your truck to make it there and your truck depends on you to keep it purring.

Keep on Truckin’

Like Tom Cochrane says, “Life is a highway,” but it’s likely he never drove that highway in a semi with a load of pipe.

If you need your truck service and are looking for heavy duty truck parts, look no further. Please contact us for parts, quotes or any questions you may have about service.

Every day is a new challenge, a new route. Your truck works hard, you work hard, so taking care of both is what keeps you moving!