Responding to COVID-19

Apr 14, 2020 | Blog

As your partners in maintenance, Overdrive Heavy Duty is committed to keeping our customers, maintenance crew and staff safe as we respond to the current COVID-19 situation. Overdrive is committed to following the regulations set in place by the Government of Alberta, as well as Alberta Health Services. We have also put in place extra sanitary measures to ensure our shop is clean and your health is top of mind.

Touchless Drop off and Pick Up 

We have implemented a system that allows for zero contact between our maintenance crew and you.

  1. When customers arrive at our shop they are instructed to park their vehicles and drop keys off in our key drop zone.
  2. When the vehicle is ready to go, customers will be notified and keys will be placed in the pick up zone upon arrival.

Sanitizing Contact Points

To ensure high contact areas are clean for both our customers and our staff, Overdrive will:

  1. Sanitize contact areas upon drop off of vehicles, such as; door handles, steering wheels, gear shafts, and dash controls.
  2. Sanitize contact areas before passing onto different maintenance crew members.
  3. Sanitize contact areas when the vehicle is ready to be released back to the customer.

Parts Department 

  1. Customers are encouraged to call 780-573-7676 ahead and we can have the parts cleaned and ready for pick up upon your arrival
  2. If you require assistance, customers can access our parts window and speak directly with a team member.
    • Social distancing measures are in place and customers are not permitted to be within 6 feet of team members or other customers.

Online Options

Customers can access services online:

  1. Payment through our secure portal
    • Accepts VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express
  2. Book services at

Procedures in the Shop 

Overdrive has implemented the following procedures:

  1. Social distancing measures for all our maintenance crew members and our front office team, as well as customers.
  2. Regular sanitation of high contact areas; such as the shop, tools, front desk and customer’s vehicles.


Overdrive Heavy Duty is committed to keeping you moving as we navigate the COVID-19 situation. As the Alberta Government’s regulations and recommendations change, so will ours. Please watch this page for updates and should you have any questions or concerns contact us at 780-573-7676.